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The Bather and the Whale Po's Quest III: Conning Tower Conference Po's Quest II: Deviltry on the Trail Po's Quest I:  The Fellowship Discovery of Brooklyn, That Savage Country
My Father's Funeral, Anticipated My Personal Space Ship Takes Off Island Mine The Romance of Extractive Industries Volcano City
Strip Mine Sea Map The Edge of Town Guarded Channel Survey of the Sphere
Survey of the Sea-Pillar Saint Wendy, Retired Dancer and Cook War of the Cities The Desert Fathers Geological Survey
The Assasination of the Exile Towers of Silence I Towers of Silence II Towers of Silence III Memoir: My Western Driving Tour
Teletubbies: The Peninsular Campaign Fortified Coast Awaits Assault      
My Private Olympus Allegory of Personal Hygiene I Allegory of Personal Hygiene II Wyoming, Imagined in Advance Every Morning its Own Planet
Island  at the Center of the World Ancestor, Leaping Figure Studies Forest Citadel Twilight Tree
Tower of Silence:Birds Tower of Silence: The Grove Small Fortress Twilight Triptych Tower of Silence: Wall
Monument/Incinerator Snow Lion Imagination/Navigation Navigational Chart: America Self Portrait as a Seaside Scarecrow